full house

[painted ladies | full house, childhood essential]

Please excuse my absence. I pretty much went straight from the mountains to the city. The city of San Francisco, that is. :) Time to explore...


  1. Amazing photo- When my family and I were in San Francisco, we (well, my mom and i) searched forever for the painted ladies. Never got to them...too busy shopping on Filmore perhaps :D

    Full House was my absolute favorite childhood tv show. I even had a hairstyle I called 'The Stephanie' !

    Hope you're having fun!

  2. aww you look so cute!
    full house, definitely a childhood essential.
    hope you're having fun! when do you go back to school?

  3. I watched SO much Full House when I was growing up. Hope you're having a blast :)

  4. fun picture!! I always love those painted ladies :) have fun exploring San Fran!

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