i left my heart in yosemite

Words really can't describe what Yosemite means to me. It's the kind of love that has multiplied over so many summers spent exploring. That week with friends, family, and family friends left a distinct mark on my childhood - same tents, same hikes, same sights, same people, more or less. 

I remember feeling so tiny, staring up at trees 100 meters above me, only to meet the sheer granite walls another 1000 meters beyond them. Each moment brings a new snapshot in my mind, which I will keep locked away for the many moments I feel nostalgia coming on. 

We leave tomorrow morning for our yearly trip, and I have been filled with anticipation for weeks. I'm bringing my film camera with which I plan to document every. little. detail. :)


  1. enjoy your trip =) can't wait to see your pictures! xoxo

  2. Just found your blog and noticed you were from New England as well, so nice to meet other bloggers from the area! I am based in MA <3
    I am now a follower, follow me?

    XO Lynzy

  3. these are such dreamy, lovely photos! I've never been to yosemite... maybe I should go :)

  4. melissa -- thank you! i did, very much so. i still have to develop my film, hah.

    lynzy -- i am! well, for part of the year during school. :) love new england.

    rachel -- you must! it's a paradise for me.

  5. I love the vintage look to the photos!

  6. I love your photo style :D very beautiful blog <3 come to my blog please :)

  7. Gorgeous photos - and I love your blog :-)

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